6 Exercises to Loosen the IT Band

Posted on August 20, 2013

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2018)

I’ve received a nice amount of traffic on this website for my post “The best damn IT band stretch.” In the comments of that post I’ve repeatedly mentioned it’s not the only stretch I use, how some people shouldn’t do it, and it’s not the only method of loosening the IT band.

Rather than continue to be vague, and considering the amount of email I get pertaining to the IT band, I thought I’d put together a resource detailing how I often go about stretching the IT band.

6 Exercises to Loosen the IT Band

Here is an outline of the manual:

-Introduction: Anatomy of IT band

-Covered for free here.

-Why most IT band stretches are missing the boat

-Covered for free here.

There are 6 exercises discussed. For each exercise I go over:

Set-up of the exercise

-I use pictures to detail the proper set-up.

The exercise

-Pictures detailing what the movement is.

-Video of the exercise

-Each exercise has a private link to a Youtube video showing the proper set-up and form.

Common form errors

-Pictures detailing each form error. If you don’t do the exercise properly you can actually make matters worse. That is, potentially make your IT band tighter.

-Video of exercise going over form errors

-Each exercise has a private link to Youtube going over common form errors and the necessary corrections. Voice over included.

Coaching cues

-“What should I be thinking about during this?”

There’s only so much you can think about during an exercise. We need to choose our cues carefully.

How to modify an exercise if pain is felt.

-For instance, if you feel pain or pulling in your knee, how can you alleviate that?

Progressing the exercise:

-Making it harder and increasingly effective.

Quick recap: Why this exercise loosens the IT band

Other things you’ll learn

-Why hip and lower back positioning are crucial.

-If you are trying to loosen your IT band due to hip pain / issues, there are certain stretches you should avoid.

-Not all hip flexion is created equal / Not all hip flexion is bad.

Also included

-A sample exercise routine with sets, reps, and a progression. This covers two month’s worth of programming. Provided in a printable Excel spreadsheet.

(Just FYI, there’s no foam rolling exercises. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely realized how useless foam rolling is for loosening the IT band. You can read more about that here.)

From those who’ve done the program

The product is emailed to you as soon as you order it with links to download the PDF and two accompanying Excel spreadsheets. (Two month’s worth of programming.) The pictures are in the book as well as links to all the videos, and the spreadsheet has a list of video links to make things easier as well.

Finally, if you don’t feel the purchase was helpful / informative / whatever; shoot me an email, b-reddy@hotmail.com , and I’ll refund you immediately.

You can get it for 12 bucks by clicking here: Add to Cart

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