Just when you lost hope… (Also, shoulder pain? Stop doing rows)

Posted on October 26, 2012

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2016)

A couple notes before this:

-Naveen left out he was in pain for nearly 3 years before I saw him. Think about this. 3 YEARS of different physical therapists, different rehab programs on his own, surgery, having to do his own research, learning anatomy on his own, you name it, Naveen tried it.

-Ironically, despite my bashing of T-Nation at times, Naveen and I found one another on their forums. Sometimes I pop in there to help people, like Naveen, avoid going down a rabbit hole. To see our exchange check out this thread: http://tnation.t-nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_injuries/scapular_dyskinesis_and_gird_rehab_advice

-Keeping in line with that, Naveen is a perfect example of what the whole, “Just do more rowing!” mantra can do to people. (Eh em, T-nation.) Check the thread for more details, but after months of helping Naveen out, I can tell you I didn’t have him do a single rowing exercise. His results speak for themselves below.

-Naveen will be the first person to tell you he became emaciated during his injury. This was one of the harder aspects for him i.e. losing all his muscle. He has gained about 20lbs back from his injury. He left this out, but let’s be real, the main reason for getting healthy was so he’d have muscle on his frame again for all the ladies on Friday nights. Naveen, you’re welcome for helping you procreate.

-While I’d love to say I’m some genius, I’m only that delusional while drinking. The truth of this is I looked at Naveen differently than anyone else. (Thank you Shirley Sahrmann.) I will decry these words til I die: Stop chasing pain, stop worrying so much about MRIs; START worrying about how the person MOVES. Movement first, then worry about all that other (often superfluous) crap.

Enter Naveen:

“I found Brian at the end of my rope.  After a weight lifting injury, my left shoulder was in constant pain.  Four separate stints in rehab over the next year and I was still in pain.  The mental battle began to eat away at me, more than the physical pain.  A decompression surgery and post rehab care improved the situation, but I was still experiencing radiating pain down my left arm and on the left side of my neck.

Enter Brian Reddy.  From the moment I met him I knew I was talking to someone who not only knew what he was talking about, but genuinely cared about helping me fix my shoulder. Brian spent over five hours with me the first time I met him, teaching me how to improve my everyday movement and explaining how little things like the way I sit, stand and walk have a big effect on what my body feels in terms of pain.

After the first rehab session with Brian my shoulder felt better than it had since the original injury. Brian kept in constant contact with me, checking in and seeing how I was doing.  After two months of hard work, I saw dramatic progress.  Now, here I am six months later and not only am I back in the gym & pain free; but I am stronger and more aware of how to properly move and take care of my body.

I owe Brian a great deal more than this testimonial.  I will always be grateful that I was  able to find him when I felt like giving up.  What makes him so effective as a trainer and a rehab specialist is his attention to detail and his modesty.  He wants to fully understand you and how you got to the position you are currently in. This is how he is able to design a routine that is specifically catered for you.  Not every shoulder gets this exercise, not every knee  needs that exercise. Your body is constantly speaking to you and Brian assesses your movement to tell you what its saying.

Brian you’re incredibly talented and great at what you do.  I look forward to continually improving my physique with your help and knowledge.  And if I haven’t already told you in the past; thank you so much for your help.  You got a friend for life right here.”

-Naveen Tejwani

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