A Guide To Footwear (Table of Contents)

Posted on October 30, 2014

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2016)

Table of Contents

  1. Picking a shoe for your foot
    • Why the degree of heel lift matters
      • Affect on the achilles tendon
      • Affect on the knees and hips
      • Affect on ankle sprains -> Athletes may be particularly interested.
      • Affect on work
      • Progressing your way there
    • Curvature of the shoe -> Does the curvature of your shoe fit the curvature of your foot?
    • Barefoot is not the goal -> Why trying to go barefoot, or using a shoe that simulates bare feet, isn’t always the best idea.
  2. Examining whether your shoes are worn out or not -> Along with how this can influence how you move.
  3. How to prevent / lessen the crease in your shoes, and why this is important for your feet  > This can increase the lifespan of your shoes as well. Doing this can pay for the manual on its own.
  4. Shoes I recommend > Links and pictures for all.
    • Everyday / workout shoes
    • Dress / office shoes -> Finding a feet friendly shoe you can still wear in a more corporate setting.
    • Boots
    • Remember the principles
  5. Talking about other shoes
    • “Shape ups” -> The struggle to defeat Kim Kardashian is real.
    • Vibrams
    • Mizuno Be
    • Sandals
    • Orthotics
  6. Some exercise recommendations -> If you do end up wearing some ill advised shoes, here are some exercise recommendations for mitigation. Videos included.
    • Importance of the talus > Why all your dorsiflexion work may be getting you nowhere.
    • Mobilizing the talus
    • More on dorsiflexion -> A total of three exercises to improve dorsiflexion range of motion.
    • Working the toe flexors, and getting the toes splayed
    • Exercise workload -> Days per week, sets, reps.

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