How to lose pregnancy weight, beat depression, and kick ass at the same time

Posted on August 18, 2011

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)

Here is a testimonial from Tracy on her experience with me. She started a few months after her last pregnancy. Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on all your progress. You look great!

losing pregnancy weight

  Tracy is on the right

For more than half my life, I was a skinny girl. I felt invincible to any of America’s weight issues because I never felt the desire to eat my heart out. By the end of college, though, my metabolism decreased and it was a challenge to fit into my clothes. The increased school stress and poor food choices caused my slender figure to balloon in a four-year period and I was forced to buy a bigger-size wardrobe. I felt depressed, disillusioned, and ugly, especially when my family degraded me for being fat.

My size increased more after giving birth to two kids. This, combined with my lack of discipline in fitness and eating right, brought me to a point where any fitness goal seemed too far to reach. On top of a battle I’ve had with depression most of my life, I began feeling the stress of adjusting to being in a young family. I could have settled to being overweight my whole life as a mother, but deep inside I was tired of being heavy, and aspired to be fit. I wanted to be a strong, goal-setting athlete.

In my initial attempts to lose weight by myself, I walked, ran, and lifted weights occasionally. Regardless, the fluff spilling out of my pants and the numbers on the scale did not decrease at a satisfying pace. I felt helpless until I met personal trainer Brian Reddy. His science-based evidence for successful weight loss proved that I wasn’t doomed to be overweight for life. Coupling the information I picked from Brian’s brain with my personal research, I was able to jump, run, lift and hike in the right direction. Taking ownership of my problem fueled my drive to succeed.

I was surprised how much more slender my body became in a year, because I had only met Brian once a week for weight training. Not only did I look and feel healthier, my depression began to wane. I began to feel better about myself, more confident, and able to manage my stress. I started losing more weight after taking Brian’s suggestion to track my calories, eat healthy, and allow one day a week to eat whatever I wanted.

losing baby weight

My passion for fitness inspired my girlfriends to challenge their bodies through hikes and other outdoor adventures. Also, leaving the house for errands or parties excites me now, because I love the positive reaction I get from people who knew me when I was a size 14.

I’ve lost 22 lbs in over a year through weekly training with Brian. I look better on the outside, and feel mentally restored and confident. With this renewed energy, I am training for an even bigger physical challenge: my first full marathon.

Tracy giving full push-ups a try for the first time!


Brian’s superior knowledge in body mechanics and sensitivity to my personal life and goals have helped me make achievements I did not know I was capable of. I know if I hadn’t taken his suggestions, I would still be overweight and struggling to figure things out on my own. I highly recommend hiring an intelligent trainer like Brian to push you to reach your fitness goals. The results I’ve made by applying Brian’s training techniques have impressed my family, my friends, and me. And I love that he cares and has a great sense of humor!

Tracy Miller

lose post pregnancy weight

Ass kickery

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