One way to lose 106lbs

Posted on July 11, 2011

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2017)

I plateaued in my weight loss over the last 10 years.  I chose to have bariatric surgery, but still needed tools help me lose weight and keep it off.  I knew that just restricted eating and the weight loss that comes with that was not sufficient.  I needed an exercise regimen as well.  When I started working out with Brian I was unable to do much physically.  I’m a musician, not an athlete, so I was frightened about injuring myself or showing anyone how weak I really was.

Through the 15 months I worked with Brian he was very compassionate with me concerning my limitations.  On the other hand, he never let me slack off either.  He pushed me beyond what I thought I could do.  At first I wasn’t even able to do any leg lunges due to my weight, but also because I had knee surgery a year earlier, but that didn’t stop Brian.  He worked consistently with me to push me harder yet knowing exactly when to make me stop.  He is so knowledgeable about physiology, it’s amazing.  He worked tirelessly to make sure I worked hard but didn’t injure myself.  He pushed me harder than I ever could have pushed myself.  I like to refer to our relationship as a “Love/Hate Relationship”.  I hate what he makes me do, but I love the results!!!

Jennifer at 240 pounds and a size 24

Brian varied the exercises enough to keep my mind and body interested.  As I grew stronger he kept changing my program.  He did his research to make sure I would achieve my desired results.  He also provided research concerning my knee issues and medication use.

Brian also held me accountable regarding my eating habits.  He checked with me weekly concerning my food intake and encouraged me to continue on a healthy eating plan.  With Brian’s help I have lost 106 pounds.  It’s unbelievable!!!

Thank you Brian for your patient, yet firm, training.  You helped turn my life around!

Jennifer at 134 pounds and a size 6

Jennifer at 134 pounds and a size 6
















Thanks for the kinds words Jennifer; awesome stuff!

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